We are here to dismantle

the architecture of separation.

But first we must see it.

My name is Antonia and this is my sharing.

I believe this 3D reality is one of pain, one of separation. I also believe that pain is here to teach us to find and deepen our creative potential; to teach us to love, to teach us to heal. But the transformation from pain to love requires us to see that pain. We need to see it, to bring it into full awareness, in order to unlock the energy of creativity. Because currently, we don’t see it. We feel it, we believe it, but we don’t see it. Our work, our relationships, our economy and our politics are constructed upon our not seeing. These modules are here to assist in activating a seeing within you, as it is within your own body this potential exists. The 3D infrastructures of separation exist within you, to be dismantled by you. These modules are here to remind you that you are the source of transformation and to offer a process of seeing and transmutation that is available within you. They are here to enable, expand and expedite your path forward.

Cyndi Dale

describes receiving this activation like taking Alka Seltzer….
a relief for the soul.

What Are We Doing Here?

"All videos sound and look amazing. The content really brought light into some dark places for me. I also really enjoyed the Yin practice. Thank you for this incredible opportunity. I will be purchasing the modules as a way to come back to what is real, to what is love, because of your wisdom, and I know many others on this journey will do the same."

~ Chantal

The technology of separation is the pain in our bodies.

The stories of Us versus Them is the trauma we each hold in our own beings. This is the stuck physical, mental and emotional pain. We are not separate. Only our pain tells us so.

Your pain is not your failure. It is your potential.

We are a culture of avoidance. Our work is to learn to see the pain. To see it in ways our minds cannot comprehend. Then our pain becomes the source of transcendence. But that can’t happen if we are looking at everybody else; looking to compare, criticize or for approval. Only when we learn to look deeply, consciously, within our own beings can we transcend the tribe.

We are not escaping our pain. We are learning how to transform it.

Our separation tells us we are alone. Abandoned. The process of transformation is to bring pure awareness into all of our inner sites unseen. To bring love to everything within that doesn’t yet know we are only love. It is the great project of unabandoning and reuniting with the collective.

We are working with pain...

This is a very brief video to ensure that you are fully informed and are properly prepared as we move forward into that often uncomfortable work of human pain. Everyone's pain is different and takes up different space in different ways. Please watch so that you know what to expect and how best to take care of yourself on this part of your healing journey.

Integrative Psychotherapy

The people who come to me are most often transitioning from the Personal to the Transpersonal, from the Local to the Global, from the Tribe to the Collective. As an integrative psychotherapist - or what others would call a shaman/transmuter + therapist - I work in the realm of the metaphysical. What that means is I assist people in their Seeing by teaching them how to see their inner stories of pain in a new way so they can better receive the energy of healing, the frequency of consciousness. I assist clients in seeing those stories, those traumas, and how they have been held at the personal level so that they can be made available for healing and expansion into the collective. In recent years, that energy of healing has become more available, more accessible to all of us, than ever before. But we need to see our pain so that we can take advantage of the healing it has to offer.

For over a decade I have used Western psychotherapeutic modalities in combination with shamanic processes of transmutation and integration. As we integrate, we gradually reconnect our disconnected, abandoned, pain-filled, 3D parts back into the whole, back into the collective. This is an approach to not only healing our pain, but raising our frequency and transforming our reality.

These modules are an offering for those on this journey, to assist in facilitating a greater flow of consciousness and love by expanding our capacity to see into and beyond our 3D suffering. When our outer world is steeped in fear and rage, that is when I believe our inner work becomes more vital.

I am not sentimental about love. This is an elemental ingredient on our journey through density and I am here to assist in the delivery of that element to all levels of our 3D being.

I am not here to tell you your reality. But if you are here, I offer my assistance to See what it is not.

I recommend listening to the first few episodes of the podcast. It will serve to provide or deepen the conceptual framework for the more practical work of these modules.

Special Thanks
I want to thank some of the creative women that have made this possible:

Anna Conversano for Cover Art

Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm for Music

Jessica Rose for Editing, Marketing,

and general know how.